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Under the Sea
Under the Sea
Under the Sea

Jungle Adventure Through The Bible 


We are busy with a new series called: UNEXPLORED BIBLE STORIES -The jungle is filled with areas of mystery and excitement that are still unexplored. In this series, we will study stories in the Bible that many of our kids (and parents!) will find new and unexplored. Along the way, they will learn valuable lessons about how to navigate through the jungles of life.

We look forward to seeing you on Sundays from 9h45 to 11h00.

In order to follow the Covid protocols, we still need you to book your place for each Sunday by WhatsApping the Lighthouse Kids group (072 416 8527) by Wednesday each week. Your moms and dads can also use this group to book a place at the 10am service while you’re at Lighthouse.

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Children's Minstry Contact Details:

Ann Groenewald                     Val Jackson                                           

081 271 3507                            072 416 8527