5 June 2021


Annual General Meeting for the period 1 April 2020 to 31 March 2021.

The recently announced regulations regarding the restriction of numbers at religious gatherings means that we will not be in a position to hold an Annual General Meeting in the foreseeable future. We do need to ensure continuity and to that end we will conduct the business of the Annual General Meeting electronically


  1. We will be distributing documents to you electronically once a week over the next three weeks in terms of our constitution. 

  2. We will ensure that you receive the financial report for the year as well as the record of the process followed in respect of the year April 2019 to March 2020

  3. We ask you to consider who you believe is worthy of and will serve you well as incoming board members. Please prayerfully consider such nominations – you may nominate a member electronically and we then just need an email from the nominee confirming acceptance.

  4. Please also consider nominations as

    • -    Chairman

    • -    Deputy chairman

    • -    Treasurer

    • -    Secretary

    • These nominees are subject to them being elected as Board members as well. The same rule applies for electronic nomination.

  5. We will make nomination documents available to you Electronically

  6. Our closing date for nominations is 15 June.

  7. We will thereafter compile ballot papers and once again distribute electronically giving you the opportunity to cast your vote for both Board members as well as office bearers

  8. We have received a nomination to elect Robbie Viljoen as an additional Elder. Opportunity is given for anyone to register an objection to this nomination. Closing date for objections is 18 June as well.

  9. Once all votes (for both Board Members and the Elder) are counted the results thereof will be made available.

  10. You will receive motions for consideration and asked to cast your vote for or against

  11. We will not be dealing with the Constitution at this time.

  12. Finally a document will be distributed where you will be asked to accept

    • The record of process for the year of 2019/20

    • The financial report for 2020/21

    • The incoming Board Members and Office bearers (as per the votes cast)

    • The incoming Elder (as per votes cast)

    • Any motion that has been voted upon

    • We need at least 101 return documents either accepting or rejecting this document per item or in its entirety in order for us to record a quorum and thereby attach a measure of legitimacy to this process.

Thank you so much for the way you have all responded to dealing with unchartered experiences over the last time. We are resolved to work tirelessly to protect and build on to our spiritual home known as the United Church here in Hermanus.

Please feel free to check with Dudley or 083 2289 5475 should you require any clarity.

Board of Management

22 May 2021



Winter is upon us, and it’s that time of the year for us to have our Winter Warmers Drive. Please help by donating any warm items of clothing such as jackets, jerseys and blankets for which you have no further need so that we can distribute them amongst the needy in our community. 

Hermanus Child & Family Charity Shop is especially in need of blankets and will be displaying all blankets received in the alleyway for Mandela Day in July, before distributing them.
Items can be dropped off at the church office between 09:00 - 12:00 (Mon-Fri) or at church on Sundays. If you prefer to make a monetary contribution towards the purchase of a blanket it will be gratefully received. Please place all such contributions in envelopes marked “Winter Warmers” and leave at the office or you could do an EFT directly into the church bank account referenced - 'BLANKETS'. R150 will cover the cost of a blanket.
Stay warm and stay safe
Gods Blessings

Denise Eady
President-Women’s Fellowship United Church

Winter warmers.jpg


Greetings to all you special people of the United Church – Hermanus.

We held our monthly meeting on Tuesday afternoon and wish to share the following with you.

Mission work support
Many of you will have met Louise Hindley and are aware of the work she is doing. A number of members have indicated that they wish to support her work financially. We have decided to adopt her as a Missionary and we will support her work. What that means is that we:

  • continue to pray for her and offer our encouragement

  • will keep regular contact to get feedback to be shared with all of us

  • will also support her financially.

Annual General Meeting
We are planning to hold this meeting late in June and will circulate the necessary documentation in due course. As you are aware we are still subject to restrictions in terms of gathering in numbers so we will have to ask members to book an advance. We will keep you informed well in advance of the meeting.

You may be aware that we have been working on updating our Constitution over the last year or so. This work has now been completed and we want to share the document with you before tabling it at the Annual General Meeting. We will be holding information sessions to which you are invited as follows: -


  • Tuesday, 11 May at 10:00 at Church

  • Wednesday, 19 May at 15:00 at Church

  • Thursday, 27 May at 17:00 at Church


Please will you book a spot at any of these days. We really want your participation so that our Constitution be understood by all. You'll find a PDF copy of the constitution draft just below - please be sure to go through this prior to attending a meeting.


Your call committee
Some progress has been made and two candidates will be spending some time with us. We have set our Services on 23 May and 13 June aside to allow each candidate to preach at United Church. Please pray with us that God will confirm the chosen candidate in all of our hearts and minds.

The impending retirement of James and Ken
It would appear that some of our congregation have the perception that James is being forced out of United. We have addressed this with James and he has confirmed that is not what he is experiencing.
James will however engage with the Eldership regarding his thoughts around how to take our church forward post Covid 19. Both James and Ken have the option to have their contracts extended until the age of seventy when they retire in terms of the current constitution. The date is October 2022 for James
and April 2024 for Ken. Please may we ask that any questions regarding the above be referred to me and that we all guard against being party to perceptions that might be devoid of the truth. Our prayer is that the remaining ministry of both James and Ken will be truly blessed and anointed with peace and tranquility.

Please feel free to call me or send me an email should you need any clarity.
0283163563 / 0832295475

Blessings to you all
Dudley Meyer


Greetings all,

We are gathering for worship once again on Sundays, we are meeting at 08:30 & 10:00.


  • We will have 2 gatherings – at 08.30 and at 10.00

  • Attendance is limited per gathering 

  • The building will be sanitised between the services.

  • All the usual safety protocols will be in place, viz. wearing of masks and physical distancing at all times, as well as hand sanitising when entering the building.

  • In order to manage the numbers, you will still need to phone in to reserve a place. (Please do not e-mail, as this caused some confusion last time.) You will need to phone during the week before the service you wish to attend.

  • The numbers to call are: 

    • The office 028 312 2717  (weekdays between 09.00 and 12.00)

  • Your details will be recorded and filed away as a precaution in the unlikely event of there being a threat of possible contamination, and us needing to contact everyone at any particular service. 


We will continue with the online services, which will have the same service order and message as the gatherings on the UCH campus.


Yours in our Lord’s service.

Ken and James.

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It’s a brief daily focus on connecting with God.




Thank you so very much for your continued faithfulness in giving. 

We are humbled by the Lord's kindness, and by your faithfulness in giving, which makes it possible for us to continue doing His work through our church.

As our Sunday morning meetings are limited to 100 people per service, and because we are wanting to limit the handling of cash during these times of covid, please do use the banking details below to contribute to the work of the Lord at UCH.

Our bank account is: United Church – Standard Bank
Account number 082 26 25 27 (Branch 050312) (Cheque account)