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Foster Home
Izibusiso Foster Home for abandoned children and babies

Izibusiso was originally founded in 2009 as a joint venture between Hermanus Child Welfare and the United Church. Izibusiso, meaning “blessings” in Xhosa, became an independent foster home in June 2021 and seeks to address the plight of small children in Zwelihle and the wider Overstrand. With the scourges of unemployment, poverty, alcohol, drug addiction, HIV-Aids and hopelessness severely affecting certain sections of local communities, it is most often the innocents, the children, who suffer. Izibusiso accommodates abandoned babies or vulnerable children between birth and the age of six years and care for them until suitable long term arrangements can be made for their future “forever” homes.

Most of the children who are admitted to Izibusiso have heartbreaking stories to tell, some are brought when they are only six hours old, many of the babies or toddlers are severely undernourished and emotionally fragile, most have never known a stable and loving environment – Izibusiso is often their first experience of a warm, caring home.

Contact person:

Sheila Lyle

The new Izibusiso House has opened its doors! Thank you to all in the community who have played a roll and very big thank you, especially to the UCH congregation for every donation received.
No emmidiate fundraising events planned
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